About 3R

3R is a fitness and wellness company that provides exercise and bodywork. Our services include personal training, small group training, sports performance, bootcamps, flexibility, and massage. We optimize fitness and recovery.

At 3R, our goal is to improve the physical conditioning and state of everyBODY we work with. We accomplish this by providing a specifically structured, functional training program that emphasizes movement efficiency, video feedback, massage and bodywork to aid in recovery. In short,



Our program would assess an individual’s physical capabilities, create a progressive plan for them to improve movement inefficiencies, train them to become stronger and more physically conditioned, while decreasing body fat. We accomplish this in a one-on-one or small group environment, with specifically timed warm-up, mobility, strength and conditioning, and flexibility exercises designed to target the major muscle groups of the body.

Being that one of our goals is efficiency, the specific timing of each segment of the training session is essential. This includes rest periods and transitions. Our belief is that in addition to uniformity in a group environment, this will yield a more physically productive and conditioned result.

The second essential component of our philosophy is video feedback. In addition to 3R coaches providing technique and posture instruction during the session, each Personal Training participant will also receive a video recording of their performance via email. Much like when athletes have film study after a game, this will enable our participants to visually review their training in order to assess their performance, make adjustments and improve from one session to the next.

Massage Therapy

The third component of our philosophy is our on-site massage and bodywork services. At 3R, we take a more holistic approach to fitness. Whether participants need to recover from demanding workouts, relieve stress from daily life, or help with healing an injury, we provide those services for their convenience.

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